My name is Dragos Dogaru, I am a multidisciplinary Romanian designer - based in Bucharest, passionate about graphic, product & architectural design. Graduate of Romanian and Danish mechanical and technological engineering studies, I rely on a multidisciplinary approach, integrating all aspects of interactive and user customizable design, along with multi-functionality at the core of the design concept.

From lamp design (Cuplo™ 360, Colors, Vasa, Alma and Moody) and furniture design (BILLIPLAY™ modular shelf system and BENCHY personalized tables and benches) to textile and upholstery design, I aim for a consistent design approach, in a playfully geometric inspiration, with surprising colors, textures and shapes.

This is my work + inspiration, for updates you may also follow me on facebook and instagram.

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Textiles Collection / Benchy / Billiplay™ System / Cuplo™ 360 / Cuplo™ Colors / Cuplo™ Vasa / Cuplo™ Alma / Cuplo™ Moody
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